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Mission and Vision Behind the Prosperity Economics Movement (part 3) – Episode 168

This episode is the last of the three-part series explaining the About page of the Prosperity Economics Advisors website. You should pay attention to this page because in essence, it is about you! You can share the website link with your clients and prospective clients, to open their minds. Today Kim and Tammi talk about the Prosperity Economics Movement creed, so stay tuned and enjoy!

To learn more about the Prosperity Economics Movement


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Show Notes
  • The different topics that are in the about page – 1:52
  • The Code of Honor – 2:36
  • Looking at the net-net-net result – 3:59
  • The next Truth Concepts training – 4:48
  • Truth training is so valuable – 6:02
  • The Prosperity Economics Movement creed – 6:45
  • Protect the human life value of the client – 7:51
  • Looking at whole life insurance – 9:03
  • Focusing on optimizing – 9:53
  • Taking the time to show clients all about the truth – 12:41
  • Helping clients make signs of progress – 13:20
  • We cannot help every person we meet – 15:41
  • All change starts in our clients’ thinking – 16:15
  • Always help people grow – 18:00
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