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Mission And Vision Of The Prosperity Economics Movement™ with Kim Butler – Episode 136

Tammi interviews Kim Butler about the Prosperity Economics Movement™ and why it is so valuable, not only for advisors but also for clients. She also talks about a distinguishing characteristic that makes a perfect Prosperity Economics Movement™ Member. So, if you are wondering if you are a good candidate for the Prosperity Economics Movement™, don’t miss out on this podcast!

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Show Notes

  • Mission and vision of the movement – 1:37
  • Understanding the concept of movement – 2:51
  • The vision of the movement – 3:20
  • Having a bigger impact – 3:25
  • Movement for clients and advisors – 4:19
  • The infinite game – 5:27
  • Retirement is bad for people – 5:37
  • The Prosperity Economics’ Identity and Culture document – 6:29
  • The mission of the movement – 7:40
  • The day you were born – 8:58
  • The truth in the movement – 9:23
  • The attendees of the Truth Training  – 11:44
  • Invest in yourself – 13:03
  • The willingness to learn – 16:35

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