More Leads, Better Clients Replay

Enjoy the More Leads, Better Clients replay above:

In the video, you’ll

  • discover why “old school” marketing and sales tactics are actually repelling prospects!
  • understand why educational marketing produces more leads and better clients
  • learn a 4-step marketing system that can be adapted to your financial practice
  • understand how content marketing leverages your time and efforts exponentially
  • get a behind-the-scenes look at Partners for Prosperity’s marketing
  • find out how you can license our content to get a head start with your educational marketing strategy

Want to implement the Content 4 Clients resources in YOUR business?

You have two options:

1. Purchase at (you’ll see a detailed description at that link) or use the shopping cart link below. Use the code C4C1000 between now and Monday night, December 4, and save $1000 off the regular price!

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2. Join the PEM Transform program and Content 4 Clients is INCLUDED at no extra charge! Follow the link for more information and to join, or you can go straight to the shopping cart by clicking the link below. Membership is $650/month and includes MANY benefits, including Patrick Donohoe’s Advisor 2020 online program, a ticket to the Summit for Advisors and a ticket to a live Truth Training.

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Either way, you’ll receive instant access to the Content 4 Clients resources as well as a QuickStart training and Kate’s Blogging training. You’ll be licensing the use of the following content, much of which can be edited, personalized, and branded to YOUR business:

  • 3 ebooks: Financial Planning Has Failed, Live Your Life Insurance and (forthcoming) The Family Banking Book (Add your own foreword if you like!)
  • “Permission to Spend” special report
  • 7 Principles of Prosperity™ audio, video and summary sheet by Kim Butler
  • Over 30 articles!
  • Sample autoresponders from P4P and Kate’s autoresponder “template”
  • Social media images
  • and much more.

We hope you enjoyed the replay! For more from Kate Phillips, listen to this Advisor Advantage podcast:
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