Moving Into a Virtual Environment with Your Client (part 1) – Episode 184

This is the first of three episodes about moving from a face to face environment with your client, to a virtual environment. Kim and Tammi discuss this topic in this difficult time going on right now. Be sure to stay tuned to all three episodes, and learn how to move forward into a virtual environment with your client!

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Show Notes

    • Moving into a virtual environment – 0:32
    • Coronavirus taking over the world – 1:16
    • An opportunity to switch into a virtual environment – 1:29
    • The transition from face to face to virtual – 2:53
    • Things that are not under our control – 3:19
    • Developing other skills – 4:52
    • Tammi’s experience shifting from face to face to virtual environment – 5:34
    • Everybody virtually – 6:34
    • The work environment – 9:04
    • Kim’s experience working virtually – 10:26
    • Using Zoom as a tool – 15:57
    • Talking with friends and family using Zoom – 16:33
    • Kim’s long-distance solution video – 18:02
    • You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get started – 18:35


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