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New Advisors – Kim Butler – Episode 010


Tammi Brannan speaks with best-selling author Kim Butler about the first steps that a new Prosperity Economics advisor should take.

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Show Notes:
00:00 Intro
01:30 1st step: Get life insurance license
02:00 Prosperity Economics disagrees with securities licenses
02:20 No broker dealer world
03:31 Forget everything you’ve learned
07:51 What’s the second step?
08:06 Series 65 advise license
08:48 Fiduciary platform
10:50 RIA world
12:21 Fiduciary platform vs. suitability standard
15:09 Freedom for our advisors
16:49 Fed registered RIAs vs. State registered RIAs
18:50 We sell our process
27:11 Cost of attorneys
28:51 What is “selling away?”
29:10 Suitability is a much lower standard
31:52 Why you should avoid agencies
33:02 Mentor program will help both new and old advisors
34:19 Series 65 is not required but advised
35:26 Come to the summit


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