Operating Off of Values with Patrick Donohoe – Episode 39

Patrick Donohoe is focused on growing the Prosperity Economics movement to last forever and be a group that can overcome the behemoth of the traditional financial space. He shares personal stories about life changing events that helped him get clear on his purpose and how values were the operating principles of that growth.

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Show Notes

  • Where the movement is going – 1:56
  • How Kim, Todd and Patrick are planning for the movement to last forever – 3:36
  • Why a family vacation and health scare changed his life – 5:50
  • Kim’s passion and drive for the Prosperity Economics Movement – 10:49
  • As financial advisors we’re facing a behemoth – 11:30
  • Getting involved with the infinite growth plan – 13:41
  • The individual vs the collective – 15:05
  • Creating a culture change at Paradigm Life – 18:50
  • Why operating off of values is empowering – 24:27

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