Overcoming Boredom Within The Industry – Episode 95

Tammi shares with us some tips for people that feel they’re struggling and have reached a certain level of boredom within the industry. She also talks about a tool named “Activity tracker”, which helps you focus on activities to maintain your energy.

She recommends taking the “5 Hour Rule” habit and invites us to use five hours in a week for reflecting and creating.

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Show Notes

  • The importance of creating a gratitude list  – 4:19
  • What is a gratitude list? – 5:42
  • Tammi encourages people to recreate their day – 6:38
  • Tammi’s recommendations for a team – 8:43
  • How to reject thoughts that you don’t want to spend time thinking – 12:41
  • Recommendations for books that help you shift your thoughts – 13:42
  • It’s very important to have control of your schedule – 19:49
  • Nothing is more important than time for you to think, create and reflect – 20:09

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