PEM: The State of the Union with Kim Butler – Episode 292

 In this episode of the Advisor Advantage Podcast, Kim Butler and Janet discuss the importance of whole life insurance for advisors and the constant need for improvement in the industry. They mention the value of having a strong foundation in place during times of uncertainty and the necessity of a set of principles or a moral code. The episode also highlights the importance of building relationships with colleagues and peers within the industry and the plan to have individual advisors interviewed on the podcast to share their experiences and stories. The hosts also talk about various books that have helped them in developing a positive mindset and stress the importance of reaching out to other advisors for support and guidance.

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Show Notes

  • The changes in the advisory business and the constant presence of whole life insurance.
  • Importance of certainty during uncertain times and the role of the Prosperity Economics community in providing support and resources
  • History of the Prosperity Economics Movement™ and reflections on its growth and development
  • Goal of connecting individual advisors and highlighting their unique work and practices
  • Book recommendations: The Manifesto for a Moral Revolution by Jacqueline Novogratz and Win the Day by Mark Batterson
  • Importance of having a strong moral foundation in the advisory business during uncertain times
  • Request for advisors to share their stories through podcast interviews and collaboration with their peers

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