Perpetual Wealth: How to FUND a Family Bank

Kim explains the seven ways to fund a family bank and acknowledges that every client has a different situation and priorities, so these seven ways are not equal for everybody. It’s important as you are working with clients about funding their family bank, to look at their particular situation and pick the ways that fit their circumstances and priorities. Listen to Kim’s infinite knowledge and enjoy this episode!

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Show Notes
  • Seven ways to build a family bank – 0:25
  • The goal: helping people in more ways – 1:14
  • How to use family financing? – 2:29
  • Using whole life insurance as a place to store cash – 3:31
  • Building a family bank with life insurance – 4:24
  • In Todd’s Truth Training you can learn how to build a family bank – 5:32
  • The importance of the Emergency Fund – 7:07
  • Steps to follow for family banking – 8:17
  • We are our client’s agent – 9:50
  • The benefits and value of savings – 11:58
  • Shifting our viewpoint to different opportunities – 15:45
  • Good habits – 18:56

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