Perpetual Wealth: Saving Cheatsheet

Kim and Tammi are discussing a series of keypoints in Kim’s book Perpetual Wealth. Kim dives into the seven steps to save and why it is so powerful to use them. Stay tuned, and enjoy!

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Show Notes
  • Sharing key points about family legacy – 1:20
  • What happens when we think about savings – 2:35
  • Saving in a separate account – 3:55
  • The place to store money – 4:38
  • Take 10% of your income every month and save it! – 5:16
  • Being determinate to build wealth – 5:42
  • Is it good to use a 401 (k) plan? – 6:32
  • The two versions of the Perpetual Wealth book – 10:00

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