Perpetual Wealth: The 4 Cornerstones of Family Financing

Kim and Tammi are discussing key points about Kim’s book: Perpetual Wealth. This book is all about family financing and how to build a legacy (includes both a client and advisor version.) Listen as they explain the 4 cornerstones of family financing. Enjoy!

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Show Notes
  • How to use family financing – 1:17
  • Recording the audio version of the book – 1:58
  • Family financing to build prosperity – 2:37
  • Where you can find the two versions of the book – 3:30
  • Good information about whole life insurance – 5:43
  • The four cornerstones of family financing – 7:50
  • How the four cornerstones relate with family legacy – 8:20
  • Educate your children about money and finances – 9:11
  • Part of perpetual wealth – 10:03
  • The leadership role – 11:56
  • Investing in human capital – 13:42
  • The Perpetual Wealth Four Cornerstones – 15:54

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