Perpetual Wealth: The Prosperity Ladder

Kim’s book: Perpetual Wealth, is jam-packed with information! Kim and Tammi dive into the different stages of finances that an individual goes through and understanding the prosperity ladder. Stay tuned and enjoy this episode!

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Show Notes
  • Perpetual Wealth’s key points – 1:18
  • Understanding the prosperity ladder – 3:09 
  • The stages of financing – 4:30
  • Actions that you can take between stages – 5:12
  • Cash flow problems – 6:53
  • Difference between subsistence and comfort – 7:18
  • The act of saving – 8:00
  • The idea of perpetual wealth – 9:12
  • The notion of oldness – 12:56
  • Why the prosperity ladders help – 13:52
  • The seven phases of prosperity – 15:55

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