Phases of Financial Progress. Phase 5: Retiring – Episode 118

Today’s episode is all about retiring, how people wanted to look a retiring and Kim’s most significant advise: to NOT quit working entirely.

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Show Notes

  • Starting to think on retiring – 1:50
  • Kim encourages us to keep working! – 2:33
  • Working keeps you mentally and emotionally healthier – 3:10
  • People want to create income – 4:04
  • A bridge loan portfolio – 5:00
  • Being focus on developing yourself – 6:13
  • The importance of continue working – 7:19
  • In the advisor section of the podcast, we get to listen to Reggie Victoria at the 2018 Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors – 8:14
  • Collaboration is vital in the financial arena – 9:55


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