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Phases of Financial Progress. Phase 7: New Strategies with Clients – Episode 120

If you’re looking for new strategies to attract clients this is the episode for you. Kim and Tammi talk about keeping your marketing and message simple and they even share a new real estate strategy you’ll love. In the end, Tammi interviews fellow advisor Caleb Guilliams.

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Show Notes

  • New strategies with real estate – 2:40
  • People want simplicity – 3:47
  • How Kim created the seven phases of a person’s financial progress- 6:39
  • In the advisor section of the podcast, Tammi talks with the youngest advisor in the movement: Caleb Guilliams – 9:57
  • Caleb’s story and background – 10:21
  • The best value is education – 11:18
  • Caleb’s latest book – 13:21
  • How he got started in the movement – 15:32
  • Why he’s interested in helping people be more efficient – 19:49
  • His motivation to write the book – 20:08
  • What drives people to have persistence? – 21:42

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