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Principles First, Products Second – Episode 194

In today’s Advisor Advantage Podcast, Kim and Tammi talk about one of the main subjects for the upcoming virtual summit in June: the approach with clients that Kim and Patrick have and how they help develop a good relationship.


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Show Notes

  • Position yourself as a leader – 2:42
  • What do you want to do? – 3:25
  • Principles, Processes, and Products – 4:00
  • How the movement operates – 4:19
  • Something very common in our industry – 5:50
  • Principles first, products second – 6:37
  • The ability to shift your state – 9:55
  • Patrick’s version and priorities – 11:25
  • Developing a deeper connection – 12:49
  • A new method of learning – 13:32
  • Tammi and Kim welcome you to the next summit! – 14:52


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