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Pursue Your Passion with Derick Van Ness – Episode 130

An easy new way to get clients in the door, on this episode of the Advisor Advantage Podcast, we’ll listen to Tammi talk with Derick Van Ness to discuss the ten most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make.

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Show Notes

  • Ten mistakes that Life Insurance agents make – 2:28
  • Making savings a priority – 3:18
  • Understanding the act of saving – 5:52
  • New ways to get more clients – 10:25
  • How to find new clients – 11:19
  • Identifying who you want to work with – 12:50
  • Meeting people face to face – 16:30
  • Creating value for your clients – 17:40
  • Setting 250 appointments in a couple of hours – 19:33

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