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Learn the Exact Process Three Industry Leaders Use to Produce Consistent Sales & Lifelong Clients Without Resorting to Off Putting Sales Gimmicks

You may be an expert advisor YET if you don’t understand the PROCESS that dissolves your prospect’s barriers you are leaving opportunity on the table…and your clients underserved…

Dear financial advisor and wealth expert,

Helping Advisors Revolutionize their Client’s Future with Whole Life Insurance.

The Life Insurance and Financial Services Industry have failed at incorporating Whole Life into their client’s financial strategy – costing clients the future of certainty they deserve.

96% of Advisors that join the Prosperity Economics Movement™, no matter where they are in the country, seek us out to answer the same question – How do I confidently talk to clients about the power of Whole Life?

Advisors are conditioned to use gimmicky language, overly complicated presentations, and dead-end calculators in Excel hoping their clients see how smart they are and then do whatever they say.

Those tactics may have worked in the past but not today.

Say Goodbye to blank stares, missed appointments, and relationship destroying statements like “how come I haven’t heard of this before?” or “Everyone but you has told me to stay away from Whole Life.”

Three financial industry leaders with 58 years of combined experience and over 9,200 active clients using Whole Life secluded themselves for two days in 2018 to solve this pervasive challenge that plagues so many Advisors wanting to do the right thing.

Kim Butler, Patrick Donohoe, and Todd Langford developed the Perpetual Wealth Way – a three-stage client process to incorporate Whole Life into every Client strategy you offer.

If you are a Whole Life friendly Advisor and have faced the challenge of talking to your clients about Whole Life and the power it has to strengthen any client’s financial life – you are in the right place.

Kim, Patrick, and Todd have designed an online course where you can learn in the comfort of your office, home, or on your laptop, how to use their process as your own.


The Client Interview


The Case Design


The Strategy Design


The Client Presentation

Here’s What You’re Going to Get When You Invest in The Perpetual Wealth Way Client Process:

  • Step-by-step role play videos that show you precisely how to handle clients interviews and interactions
  • Ready-made presentation slides you can customize and put to use right away!
  • Detailed training into the psychological triggers and specific phraseology that create instant trust
  • Overview of the software, systems and tools we use to execute the process efficiently and effectively

24/7 online access to 10 videos and 7 resource downloads from wherever you have an internet connection 

If you are like the Advisors we talk to, we know that you want to achieve success by serving and creating value for your client using the best strategies out there – you are indeed NOT like the typical professional in our industry. We understand the pain and frustration you must feel by dedicating years, decades even, to mastering your skillset and striving to an elite level of expertise only to be met by skepticism.

The Perpetual Wealth Way is a proven client process that magnifies the knowledge you have developed by strategically applying in your client-facing communication.

This program and process are not for every Advisor but, if you are like our successful Advisors, seeking a better way to impact the lives of more clients, referrals, and repeat cases – The Perpetual Wealth Way is that path to success and personal prosperity.

Who Are the Instructors?

We are the founders of The Prosperity Economics Movement™ (PEM) – an organization that educates whole life friendly advisors and the public about better alternatives to banks and Wall Street.
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Kim Butler

Founder of Prosperity Thinkers, and a leader in the Prosperity Economics Movement™, Kim is recognized as an “Investopedia 100” top influential advisor. She has also authored six ground-breaking financial books and is co-host of The Prosperity Podcast and The Advisor Advantage podcast.

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Patrick Donohoe

President and CEO of Paradigm Life (an almost exclusively virtual firm) and one of the leaders in the Prosperity Economics Movement™. Patrick hosts a podcast called The Wealth Standard and has published his first book, “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose”

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Todd Langford

President of Truth Concepts Software and leader in the Prosperity Economics Movement™. Todd has been actively contributing to the financial world for over 30 years. He has trained thousands of advisors on how to tell their clients the whole truth about their financial choices.

At $397 The Perpetual Wealth Way Client Process is Priced Ridiculously Low.

We are sharing the same strategies, processes, tools and insights that have made our respective practices millions of dollars.

Honestly, we could’ve priced access to this program at 10X the $397 investment.

However, we have dedicated ourselves to transforming the financial advisory industry and how the public is educated about their financial choices.

We want more passionate, caring and hardworking advisors to join us.

We priced The Perpetual Wealth Way Client Process at $397 to eliminate the “tire-kickers” and those seeking “something for nothing.”

For any serious business owner, the decision is easy.

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The hard truth is that doing the same things you’ve been doing will get you the same results that you are currently getting.

If you are looking for more (a lot more) for both you and your clients then go ahead and take the next step by clicking here.

We will see you on the inside!

Kim, Patrick and Todd

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