Real Estate Solutions Beyond the Obvious with Jeff Huston – Episode 47

Jeff Huston owns 3D Money and has been in the life insurance and financial services for the past 25 years bringing a wealth of knowledge to advisors. In this episode he talks about the 3 phases of your financial life and also the importance of debt and leverage as a part of growing wealth.

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Show Notes

  • Jeff’s background – 1:25
  • Building a foundation that protects you and your stuff – 2:12
  • Why whole life is a critical component to financial foundation – 5:44
  • The 3 phases of your financial life – 6:45
  • Standing on the edge of the coin – 9:53
  • How the laws are affecting advisors and clients – 11:32
  • Why wealth has become less tangible – 13:22
  • Debt and leverage is an important part of growing wealth – 16:11
  • To get in touch with Jeff email – 18:41

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