Resources for Advisors


Below are resources that we use or recommend for advisors.

Truth Concepts Logo

Truth Concepts Software

Truth Concepts is financial software that “tells the whole truth” about money. Used by our Prosperity Economic Advisors (as well as other financial, insurance, and real estate specialists, plus investors), Truth Concepts builds financial confidence by illustrating the impact of various financial strategies and choices.

Content 4 Clients Logo

Content 4 Clients

Content 4 Clients licenses content to “Prosperity Economics” advisors to use on their website, blog, and social media. It includes ebooks, special reports, articles, a video, images, marketing training and more.

Truth Concepts Truth Training Logo

Truth Concepts Truth Training

Truth Training is a live, 3-day, hands-on class taught by Truth Concepts developer Todd Langford with Kim Butler. At Truth Training, Todd demonstrates how to use the software, including how to understand and relate important financial concepts with stories and examples.

National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys Logo

National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys

The National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys helps to create estate plans that work for clients, while creating a process that serves advisors as well. They are a valued resource for the Prosperity Economics Movement when it comes to legal concerns for advisors and clients.

The Rewards Program Logo

The Rewards Program

iBennie gives you access to incredible savings on hotels, groceries, local restaurants, cash back shopping, event tickets, insurance and more –all while supporting your favorite cause.

Goodcare Logo


Goodcare is an independent consulting firm that helps consumers navigate healthcare choices. Goodcare’s Dr. Katy Votova advises clients how to integrate financial strategies with healthcare realities, including Medicare. She also educates advisors on the impact of healthcare costs.

Kolbe Index Logo

Kolbe Index

Kolbe is your source for personalized information about how you go about getting results. This is NOT a personality quiz; instead, this program identifies how to capitalize and work with your natural tendencies. We’ve used Kolbe results for many years to help us build a team where everyone loves their work.

Sendout Cards Logo

Sendout Cards

SendOut Cards is a time-saving, relationship-building resource that allows you to send beautiful, customizable, signed greeting cards in the mail without ever leaving your home or home. Professionals use SendOut Cards to keep good thoughts flowing OUT and money opportunities flowing IN. Email us your code we’ll share our campaigns for free.

The Torch Logo

The Torch

The Torch provides is a simple yet robust and effective way for people to share important information with loved ones, such as emergency instructions, contact information for doctors, and instructions on where to find essential documents. It also helps advisors stay in touch with clients and their family members.

The Prosperity Podcast Logo

The Prosperity Podcast

Kim Butler discusses how to build wealth the “Prosperity Economics” way. Click on the link above to find archived shows on many topics for investors, consumers, business owners, and financial advisors.

Financial Planning Has Failed Logo

Financial Planning Has Failed

Financial Planning Has Failed is the client-attracting ebook that brought us (Kim Butler’s Partners for Prosperity) over 150 new leads and many quality clients in less than 2 months. (More than a year later, it still generates 3-5 email leads per day!)

The book also served to help re-engage”dormant” clients and inspire prospects into action… all without a single paid advertisement!

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