Revolutionize the Marketing Industry with Mike Brevik – Episode 199

Marketing and branding expert Mike Brevik with CyberDogz, is with Tammi in today’s episode! If you feel that your brand needs to take a step up to the next level, this is the interview that you should listen to. Enjoy!


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Show Notes

  • Why revolutionize the marketing industry? – 2:04
  • What he does for clients – 3:20
  • Following a system and increase your chances to success – 3:50
  • Addressing a foundation for a business – 4:31
  • Digging into the client mind – 6:52
  • Where the brand wants to go – 8:53
  • Being truly efficient with your marketing – 12:49
  • Get in touch with Mike Brevik – 16:23


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