Seeing Your Strengths By Bringing In and Working With An Expert with Kim Butler – Episode 288

Until you are comfortable with your own shell, until you are comfortable helping your client the way they want to be helped, it’s important, as an advisor, to seek help from an expert. Bringing in and working with an expert cannot hurt your ego: Instead, it can lead to your exponential growth.

Janet Sims and Kim Butler discuss joint work in the financial industry and how it can lead to exponential growth. Janet stresses the importance of responding to the client, and how this responsibility includes bringing in experts to help with specific needs. Kim talks about how joint work can involve two life insurance agents, or an insurance agent and another specialist.

Together, Janet and Kim also bring up the importance of bringing in experts to help with specific client needs, rather than trying to do everything yourself. It is important to check your ego at the door and be open to learning from others, to bring out the best in you.

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Show Notes

  • The importance of joint work in financial services
  • What the mentee can bring to a mentor
  • Checking your ego and bringing in an expert
  • Why you should listen to an experienced advisor
  • Parallel paths in the Prosperity Economics Movement™
  • Benefits of joint work
  • The importance of bringing in a specialist
  • Three criteria to measure who needs to be with whom
  • The gift of teaching: How it is a gift in order to learn more

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