Staying on the Cutting Edge with Joe Pantozzi – Episode 30

Joe Pantozzi speaks with Tammi Brannan about what it takes to stay on the cutting edge in the financial world and why people need to be grounded with The Prosperity Principles. By following those principles you’ll be able to spot the financial entertainers and avoid them so you can build wealth that lives for generations.

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Show Notes

  • The shifts he’s seeing in his business since attending The Summit – 1:12
  • Why it might be better to meet clients and prospects virtually – 3:47
  • How moving to virtual meetings has become more productive – 4:58
  • Focus on what you can do – 7:41
  • The reason why most people are poor is because they are taking advice from salespeople and not rich people – 9:05
  • The Prosperity Principles – 13:22
  • Beware of the financial entertainers – 16:40
  • Abundance vs Scarcity mindset – 19:29 

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