Strengthening Our Ability to Help People with Kim Butler – Episode 298

Janet Sims and Kim Butler share the vision and collaboration we, at Prosperity Economics Movement, are currently discussing with other like-minded whole life friendly organizations to strengthen our ability to help people.

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Show Notes

  • Kim gives her perspective on what ‘dating’ in business means, likening it to cautiously checking things out before commitment
  • Discussion on a group meeting they had in Nashville, Tennessee which is compared to a ‘group date’
  • The group’s decision to ‘date’ and their plans for the future
  • Query about the vision being built within the movement
  • The origins of the prosperity economics movement and its contributors
  • Sharing an example of a bad sales experience as a cautionary reminder
  • The aims of an advisor-friendly space that facilitates authenticity
  • The three core tenets of the community: Principles, clear language, and numerical proof of concept
  • The importance of urgency and communication in the client-advisor relationship

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