Surprising Benefits of Having a Virtual Business with Dan Thompson – Episode 74

Dan Thompson has expanded his business virtually which has allowed him to meet with more people, be more effective and in many cases make it a more personal experience for clients. In this interview you’ll hear the challenges and rewards of having a virtual business.

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Show Notes

  • The structure of Dan’s business – 1:46
  • His 3 biggest challenges of moving from face to face to virtual – 2:53
  • How he accidently expanded to a virtual business – 4:51
  • How he is able to keep the personal touch in a virtual environment – 7:25
  • Why you gain clout by being a distant advisor – 8:22
  • Asking the right questions to really understand clients – 11:53
  • Why are we talking? – 14:19
  • One drawback of meeting people online and how to avoid this problem – 17:29
  • The best way to get started with your media presence – 18:33

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