Take Action and Move into a Producer Mindset with Trent Fortner – Episode 189

Trent is the founder and head coach of The Game Time Coaching Program and The Courageous Advisors Mastermind Program. He has created one of the most successful advisor coaching programs in the industry by utilizing his 30 years of experience in this industry as a producer and trainer. In today’s podcast, Trent talks about his new focus on helping advisors move from a consumer’s mindset to a producer’s mindset. Be sure to listen to this episode as Trent gives us his insight and advice.

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Show Notes

    • Helping advisors and clients to think with a producer mindset – 1:02
    • Creating value for advisors and clients – 2:04
    • How his business is growing – 2:18
    • Moving into a producer’s mindset – 2:46
    • Thinking with a bigger vision – 4:00
    • How to sell products – 4:58
    • Taking risks in life – 7:24
    • The producer’s mindset – 8:00
    • His job as an advisor – 9:09
    • Shifting from a consumer’s mindset to a producer’s mindset – 10:34
    • Challenges that people face when they want to shift into a producer’s mindset – 12:53
    • Starting a new program for clients and advisors – 14:40

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