Teaching Financial Concepts Through Games with Kim Butler and Scott Donnell – Episode 295

Kim Butler sits down with Scott Donnell from Gravy Stack to discuss the fun app they created for kids to teach them financial concepts through games.


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Show Notes


  • The concept of financial competency 
  • Why people often make bad financial decisions early in life
  • How GravyStack gamifies financial education, making it easier and more enjoyable for kids to learn
  • Using the GravyStack app
  • Scott’s book, “Value Creation Kid”
  • The home economy system’s three E’s: Setting expectations, expenses to cover, and extra pay
  • Introduction to “brain gigs” that help kids learn valuable skills and knowledge  
  • How structured investments and insurance brought peace to his wife and their marriage 
  • The affiliate program at GravyStack that allows participants to earn while spreading its mission


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