Team Retreat: Explanation of Activities, Objectives, and Take-aways with Kim Butler – Episode 266

What greatness can one achieve with the help of a team?

Tammi and Kim continue the final half of their talk on a team retreat. To end this three-part series, Kim shares their training on their database and her critical takeaways as the team leader. She conveys how important it is to empower the members and not make them feel like minions.

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Show Notes

  • Training on Hubspot Database – 1:40
  • Empowering members of the team – 4:24
  • Quarterly walks with the marketing team – 5:34
  • How to develop traction within the vision you have – 6:59
  • A fun way to wrap up – 8:35
  • Don’t make people feel like minions – 10:40
  • Kim’s takeaways as leader of the team – 11:15
  • Can the same objective be carried out virtually? – 13:00

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