The 5th Blind Spot: A Life Insurance Is Only For When You Die – Episode 111

In this 5th episode of Kim’s seven blind spots of personal finance, Kim talks about how a life insurance is only for when you die. She also talks about the death benefit.

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Show Notes

  • The 5th Blind Spot: The Life insurance is only for when you die – 2:05
  • Kim tells us that life Insurance is for when you are living – 2:54
  • She tells us that you can use the death benefit while you are living – 3:11
  • You can utilize your death benefit while you are living for decrease taxation  – 3:47
  • Kim recommends the book Live Your Life Insurance – 6:10
  • Kim tells us the importance of proving what you are talking about – 8:12
  • On the advisor section of the podcast we get to listen to Curtis May at the 2018 Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors – 8:57
  • Curtis talks about the importance of work in your business – 10:56
  • Curtis shares with us the importance of working in your leadership and working in your network – 11:16

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