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The 6th Blind Spot: Save First! – Episode 112

In this 6th episode of Kim’s seven blind spots of personal finance, Kim talks about a lie: “we invest before we save”. We shouldn’t invest before we save first. Kim also talks about the importance of teaching the young people to save first.

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Show Notes

  • Kim talks about how we invest before we save – 2:27
  • She talks about savings accounts called: Cash value life insurance – 3:09
  • Kim explains to us the importance of saving – 3:49
  • She talks about the cash value life insurance – 3:59
  • It’s savings that indicate liquidity and opportunity- 4:58
  • Kim’s recommendation: Dollars should be spent on needs – 5:37
  • Kim talks about a cash flow calculator – 6:55
  • She tells us the importance of saving – 8:30
  • On the advisor section of the podcast we get to listen to John Householder at the 2018 Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors – 9:07
  • He talks about his favorite speaker on stage –  9:40
  • He talks about one of his favorite conversations with an advisor – 10:51

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