The 7th Blind Spot: If It Sounds Too Good To Be True You Just Need To Dig Deeper – Episode 113

In this seventh and final blindspot for personal finance, Kim talks about the things that “sound too good to be true”. She talks about how to help clients with this and help them learn about the information that you discover by digging deeper.

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Show Notes

  • Kim talks about the new format of podcasts – 2:19
  • The 7th Blind Spot: If it sounds too good to be true you just need to dig deeper – 3:00
  • The importance of giving advice to clients – 5:23
  • They talk about the Seven Principles of Prosperity – 7:07
  • Kim recommends us to use tutorials and blogs for learning – 10:07
  • On the advisor section of the podcast we get to listen to Craig Rogers at the 2018 Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors, even though he is not an advisor he attended the conference and shares with us his experience there – 11:40
  • How this is a learning opportunity for him – 12:44
  • He tells us how Kim Butler gave a lot of advice at the conference – 13:48
  • They talk about the characteristics of the Brain Date style – 15:04

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