The Ability to Evolve Over the Years In Your Business with Bert Salazar – Episode 92

Bert has chosen to evolve his business over the years and because of it he is more excited and more passionate about the industry than when he was 29 years ago. He tells us how he is allowed to grow not only based on time but also based on his and his family’s desires and needs.

If you want to see your business evolving for whatever reason and you want to stay passionate about your industry you should listen to this podcast.

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Show Notes

  • Bert’s history and experience in the industry for 29 years. – 2:39
  • Bert has taken a lot of risks and challenges to achieve his goals. – 4:00
  • There was a point in Bert’s life when he chose to sell drugs for a living. – 4:34
  • Why you learn more from your failures than you do from your successes. – 7:52
  • Why Bert’s goal is to change the way people see things. – 13:42
  • How trouble comes from what we think we know. – 15:03
  • Information without education will end in failure. – 15:18
  • You need commitment to do what it takes to succeed. – 18:30
  • It’s all about controlling the business and not about the business controlling you. – 20:26

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