The Blueprint Process with Tammi Brannan – Episode 41

Tammi Brannan talks with Kim D.H Butler about how advisors can tap into their unique skills with the Blueprint Process. In this special episode Kim turns the the microphone on Tammi and they share the vision of creating a business that works by design, the way you would always dream. If you know there are skills and potential you haven’t yet tapped into this will be an exciting episode for you.

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Show Notes

  • Kim introducing Tammi’s blueprint process – 2:23
  • Upleveling: How to help more people in more ways – 3:42
  • Studying Values, Passions, Skills and Elements of Purpose – 4:42
  • What to do if you don’t know your unique skills – 5:15
  • Using the Blueprint Process helping advisors design their business – 6:52
  • Why Kim built her practice the way she always wanted – 8:31
  • How an advisor created a fast turnaround in his business – 9:18
  • Identifying and telling your individual story – 10:49
  • How to take action and get in touch with Tammi https://calendly.com/instinctivelife/blueprint-process-consult – 14:59

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