The Five Steps to Business Mastery (Part 1) with Patrick Donohoe – Episode 159

On this episode of the Advisor Advantage Podcast, Tammi talks to Patrick Donohoe, who recently came from a course with Tony Robbins. Patrick shares with us three of five steps to business mastery. Patrick will dig into the first three, and next week Kim will explain the other two. These five steps will help you to think differently when it comes to your business.  Stay tuned and enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • The Patrick Donohoe Edition – 1:28
  • Who is Tony Robbins – 2:15
  • The five steps to business mastery – 2:59
  • Which are the five steps – 3:19
  • Identifying what you want – 6:34
  • Business is an exchange of value – 6:52
  • Thinking differently and providing value – 9:02
  • Relationships and business – 9:29
  • Why you are in the business that you are now – 9:58
  • Being clear of what you want in your business – 10:55
  • The third step: Who are you in your business – 12:14
  • Being happy and fulfilled with your business – 14:17
  • Identifying what you love to do during the day – 16:03
  • The importance of repetition – 18:50
  • The notion of retiring – 19:55
  • Acknowledge where you are and where you want to be – 21:02
  • Give yourself time to think about your thinking – 21:21
  • Make some changes and live your life of tomorrow – 23:17
  • The business mastery class – 23:59

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