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The Hero’s Journey of an Advisor with Patrick Donohoe (part 1) – Episode 172

Today’s episode is one of two with Patrick Donohoe, who is sharing Joseph Campbell’s idea on the Hero’s Journey and how it relates not only to the PEM but to your clients and your business. He also talks about Kim and Todd as the leaders of the Movement and how they lead from through the Hero’s Journey perspective. Make sure you stay tuned for part two as well! 

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Show Notes
  • Life and Death – 2:00
  • The Hero’s Journey – 2:58
  • Joseph Campbell’s idea – 3:35
  • The Hero’s Journey basics – 4:05
  • Understanding the stages – 5:37
  • The moment of despair – 7:20
  • Overcoming adversity – 8:27
  • The archetype of the Hero – 8:56
  • Advisors as heroes – 10:27
  • Being open to relationships  – 11:30
  • Identifying yourself as a hero – 13:02
  • The Prosperity Economics Movement using the Hero’s Journey – 15:00
  • Facing challenges and difficulties – 17:02
  • Being at the ready to learn and give – 18:57
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