The Hero’s Journey of an Advisor with Patrick Donohoe (part 2) – Episode 173

Patrick Donohoe goes into episode two about the Hero’s Journey Today, Patrick continues to explain how you can use this concept with your clients by recognizing that you are not the hero in their story— THEY are the hero in their story. Also, he helps you understand how all of this relates to how you talk to them, how you invite them into the process with you, and how you can create value for them. Enjoy!

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Show Notes
  • A Hero’s Journey recap – 1:32
  • Choosing a framework – 2:33
  • Who’s the real hero – 3:35
  • The best way to communicate with clients – 4:55
  • Teaching the client the way you teach yourself – 5:50
  • Appreciate your client’s world – 7:35
  • The meaning of language – 9:28
  • The identity of ourselves – 12:04
  • Giving people steps – 13:57
  • Helping your client and giving a piece of advice – 15:06
  • We see ourselves as the hero – 15:59
  • Being the guide or the hero?  – 17:50
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