The Ideal Advisor For The Movement – Episode 97

Kim is looking for new advisors! She describes who the ideal advisor is and the two types of people she is looking for: people who are in the industry but not in the movement, and those who are looking for an industry switch.

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Show Notes

  • If you as an advisor are considering a podcast, make contact with Spencer and his company: or  – 2:50
  • Get in touch with Kim Butler – 4:13
  • The particular type of advisor that she is looking for – 4:36
  • The attitude an adviser needs to have – 6:34
  • Kim shares with us the seven principles of prosperity – 8:45
  • The 7 principles give you the attitude that an advisor needs – 9:28
  • Some clients don’t want an advice they want a product – 11:20
  • The advisors had to be focused on learning and growing – 13:00
  • For advisors, learning is growing – 13:30
  • About alternative investments spaces – 16:40
  • The summit for advisors is a good place to learn – 17:03
  • Get in touch with Tammi – 17:28
  • 3 components for growing as an advisor – 18:28
  • Information about the advisor’s summit – 20:06

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