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The Ideal Candidate for the Prosperity Economics Movement with John Moriarty (part 1) – Episode 170

Tammi talks to John Moriarty from e3 wealth. John has been a part of the Movement for the last couple of years where he and his team have been integrated into the planning of the Prosperity Economics Movement. In the first edition of this 2-part series, they describe the ideal candidate for the PEM and how to find it. Stay tuned, enjoy and don’t forget to check out part 2 next week!

To learn more about the Prosperity Economics Movement


Links and Resources
  • https://www.e3wealth.com/team/john-e-moriarty-chfc
  • jmoriarty@e3wealth.com

Show Notes
  • John as part of the Movement – 1:10
  • John’s thoughts about the Movement – 2:49
  • The importance and value of Summit – 4:18
  • Sharing the different principles of Prosperity – 5:11
  • Being part of the Movement for the last few years – 5:35
  • Coming into the industry – 6:40
  • Kim and Todd with the Principles of Prosperity – 8:02
  • The next step: Join the Movement – 8:31
  • Being a part of the Movement – 9:30
  • Attend Summit! – 10:56
  • To be a big thinker – 11:59
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