The Ideal Candidate for the Prosperity Economics Movement with John Moriarty (part 2) – Episode 171

John Moriarty comes back to part 2 of our series. Today, John shares some deep details about his business’s big vision and how with his interaction with the Prosperity Economics Movement, he’s been able to see it in a way that he never understood before. For John, being involved with the PEM connected him to the right people who took him to the next steps to achieving a long-held vision. You don’t want to miss this one!

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Show Notes
  • The ideal person for the Movement – 1:32
  • John as a perfect member of the Prosperity Economics Movement – 2:13
  • Being a part of something bigger – 3:30
  • Being in the business for over 25 years – 4:17
  • Always learning – 5:18
  • A current big thinking goal – 5:42
  • Appreciating people that made things happen – 6:52
  • Having a great idea and being part of it – 9:08
  • Participating in webinars – 11:55
  • What provides the Prosperity Economics Movement – 12:55
  • Being involved with PEM – 14:43
  • What’s it all about? – 15:38
  • Continuing to grow! – 16:13
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