The Importance of Starting with Principles and Process – Episode 191

In this episode and the next, Tammi and Kim will dive into pretty exciting news for PEM members. They talk about incredible topics such as marketing, principles, and processes. Today, they will dive into the importance of starting with principles instead of products.

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Show Notes

    • Starting with principles – 0:36
    • How to build your financial practice with integrity – 1:12
    • Summits of June and October – 2:26
    • The idea of principles first – 2:58
    • Humanize the exceptional – 5:03
    • Talking about products – 7:22
    • Our process needs to be all about the client – 9:10
    • Why we feel that a process is a bad thing – 10:37
    • Backstage steps vs front stage steps – 13:30
    • Tammi’s stages in her process – 14:55
    • Clients want to feel the connection with you – 15:31
    • Principles, processes, and products – 15:54

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