Join us as Kim and Tammi share the amazing story of Amanda Eller, a woman who went missing in the Maui jungle for seventeen days. Our hosts discuss a couple of different aspects of her story that can help you as an advisor, stay tuned and listen to how you can take her inspiring message to make a transition.

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Show Notes

  • Amanda’s story – 1:27
  • Lessons from Amanda Eller – 2:04
  • The importance of having guidance – 2:41
  • Taking time to stop and listen – 3:37
  • Listening to your guide – 5:20
  • Being meant to get lost – 5:49
  • The role of guidance – 6:40
  • Opening the door to people to talk more about guidance and meditation – 7:50
  • Believing in guidance for your business – 8:30
  • The guidance of Amanda that you can use for yourself – 10:23
  • Talking about transitions – 11:17
  • The capitalization of words – 12:12
  • Another message: spending money based on your values – 13:18
  • Spending money based on your values – 14:30
  • Values are not a universal thing – 15:20
  • Creating a list of values – 16:20
  • The idea of capture things while you are driving – 17:10

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