The Parallel Paths System with Kim Butler – Episode 293

In this episode of the Advisor Advantage Podcast, Janet and Kim Butler discuss the importance of having a track to run on as an advisor and how using the Parallel Paths System can help advisors stay focused and provide value to their clients. They emphasize the importance of being present for the client, listening to their needs, and staying consistent to achieve success.

The podcast also highlights the importance of immersing oneself in continuous learning and development such as attending events, webinars, and coaching calls, as well as utilizing the Truth Concepts calculators to better communicate financial concepts to clients. The Advisor Advantage platform aims to provide whole life friendly advisors with a supportive community, constantly honing their skills to achieve a sustainable business.

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Show Notes

  • The importance of having a track to run on for advisors
  • The value of being confident and authentic with clients by knowing where you’re going and what you’re going to say as an advisor
  • Using parallel paths as a useful track for advisors and how it can save both the advisor’s and client’s time in meetings
  • The importance of attending events, webinars, and coaching calls to continuously embed these skills and knowledge as an advisor
  • Incorporating the Truth Concept calculators into your parallel paths and attending the Truth Training to learn and understand the concepts behind the calculators
  • Immersing oneself in the community of whole life friendly advisors and continuously learning and growing professionally

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