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The Power of a Process – Episode 223

In today’s Advisor Advantage Podcast, Kim and Tammi talk about the power of a process. Everyone is different with processes from a spectrum of a more simple process to a more complex process: where are you in that spectrum? Which kind of process works best for you?

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Show Notes

  • The idea behind a process – 1:09
  • Tammi’s Kolbe language – 1:52
  • Five or six financial processes – 2:32
  • Being more personalized and confident – 3:25
  • Some examples of financial processes – 4:30
  • A process inside the Prosperity Economics Movement – 5:50
  • Where do you lie in that spectrum? – 6:56
  • Using the Kolbe profile – 8:40
  • Kim’s Kolbe score – 10:27
  • Details and asking questions – 11:32
  • Figure out what works for you – 14:40
  • Having a process helps you – 15:43

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