The Power of Knowing Purpose and Cause with Kim Butler (part 3) – Episode 221

This is the final episode of a three-part series where Tammi and Kim talk about the power of community and the power of being able to feel that you are at home. They talk about the Prosperity Economics Movement as a home.

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Show Notes

  • The power of finding a community – 1:28
  • Wanting to be a part of an organization – 2:00
  • How human beings get results – 3:04
  • When we cannot grow? – 4:32
  • The confidence part – 6:36
  • The need for material and content – 8:20
  • Kim’s purpose – 11:10
  • Join The Prosperity Economics Movement – 12:46
  • The power of the Prosperity Economics Movement – 14:23

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