The Power of Putting Out Who You Are – Episode 250

Kim and Tammi talk about the power of putting out who you are as an advisor, not just what you do, but also who you are. Kim shares examples of her transformation in her marketing and website… moving from “what I do” to “this is what I am”.

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Show Notes

  • The community of life insurance agents – 2:21
  • Think about our words and conversations – 4:27
  • Check yourself and check your thinking – 5:41
  • Sharing a message that is personal to you – 8:34
  • Where our community needs to go – 10:52
  • Decisions made with emotions – 12:18
  • Kim does not help people to retire – 14:00
  • Kim’s action-oriented word – 15:01
  • The power of knowing your purpose and cause – 16:11
  • Specific action steps that our community can take – 19:16

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