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The Power of Telling Stories (part 2) – Episode 215

This is the second part of a three-part series episode about the power of telling stories. In this episode, Kim and Tammi talk about how to build your story as an advisor with five questions that you can use to help with storytelling.

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Links and Resources from this Episode

  • What led you into financial services?
  • What problem does your work solve?
  • What failures have you learned from?
  • What is your life like now?
  • What is your outlook for the future?

Show Notes

  • The five questions – 1:25
  • Schools of thoughts – 4:31
  • What question would you use to tell your personal story? – 5:35
  • Dealing with money – 6:58
  • Gaining trust – 7:38
  • Banks are not a good place to save money – 9:10
  • Financial planning programs – 12:15
  • People’s stories – 19:31
  • The point of starting the Prosperity Economics Movement – 21:55

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