The Preparation Edition – Episode 156

Kim and Tammi talk about key ways to prepare for your day, for a natural disaster, and for the end of your life. They also explain why this podcast is something that you can easily repurpose and share with your clients, your listener base, your audience and your fan club and how by doing so you will open up some conversation about what the movement can do for them. So sit back, relax and enjoy this very special episode.

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Show Notes

  • New faces at the 2019 Summit for Advisors – 1:23
  • The McGriffs and the awesome things they are doing – 2:00
  • Mistakes of the previous five summits – 2:49
  • Massively reducing the amount of information – 3:53
  • The wisdom of Kim, Todd, and Patrick – 5:11
  • Listen more than you talk – 6:30
  • The principle of positivity – 7:27
  • Gratitude to Spencer Shaw and his team – 8:25
  • The Prosperity Economics Movement is about the community – 9:29
  • Community implies the advisors – 9:52
  • Opportunities to share perspectives – 10:39
  • Attending the event to learn – 11:55
  • Talking about the next event – 13:37
  • Virtual summits – 13:59
  • Summit for advisors website – 14:40
  • Spencer Shaw’s company: Podkick – 15:11
  • The new product for advisors – 16:20

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