The R-Factor Question – Episode 152

Kim and Tammi talk about the concept of giving. If you want to get a new client you have to think about giving to that person regardless of what they do for you. Kim and Tammi explain to us how they use The R-Factor Question, a tool created by Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach to achieve this huge paradigm shift. In this podcast, Kim goes into details about this method, so stay tuned, and learn more!

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Show Notes

  • Kim talks about her mentor – 1:07
  • A question that Dan Sullivan has created – 1:34
  • Kim as a strategic coach – 2:07
  • The Dan Sullivan Question book – 3:08
  • The R-Factor Question: The R stands for relationships – 3:40
  • Going deeper into The R-Factor Question – 4:40
  • The importance of giving – 6:48
  • The three key questions you have to make to your clients – 7:55
  • Emotion, fear, and opportunities – 9:58
  • The hardest question for people to answer – 11:10
  • Talking about your strengths and how you can have the confidence to combat fear – 12:00
  • Tammi talks about how she learned a lot with The R-Question – 16:09

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