The Self Directed IRA and Structuring Alternative Investments with Life Insurance – Episode 75

Understanding how to structure alternative investments, manage self directed IRA’s and the role of life insurance are the many topics we cover in this episode.

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Show Notes

  • Talking about self directed IRA’s – 1:28
  • Understanding the role of the custodian – 4:55
  • Breaking down the fees and why some costs are higher – 8:00
  • Send Kim an email to get a email template about self directed IRA’s – 9:20
  • Why you need to be a guide as an advisor – 13:33
  • Adding alternative investments to your practice – 15:00
  • When you may want to introduce alternative investments to clients – 18:58
  • Kim’s video explaining alternative investments at www.partners4prosperity.com – 21:50
  • Understanding the transform membership – 23:19

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