The “Why” Behind Life Insurance – Episode 244

Kim, with the help from her son, found a book from the person that started the American College which does the licensing for life insurance. She read the book and included the link in the show notes because the book is no longer in print. Kim and Tammi give us a couple of lessons from the book that you can share with prospective clients to answer the “why” behind life insurance.

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Show Notes

  • The strength and adaptability that life insurance companies have – 3:06
  • The economics of life insurance – 4:22
  • What’s the American College – 4:40
  • Robby found the book – 5:50
  • A quote from the book – 6:50
  • Principles from the Prosperity Economics Movement – 7:33
  • A great example of adaptability – 11:43
  • What life insurance brings to people – 14:57
  • What matters about life insurance – 16:34
  • The real reason behind choosing life insurance – 18:40

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