On today’s episode, we get the first of a two-part series on which Tammi and Kim give their personal review of Seth Godin’s new book: “This Is Marketing”. Tune in to listen to their analysis on how you can apply Seth’s book on your marketing efforts and attracting your ideal clients.

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Show Notes

  • Applying the book’s teachings – 1:34
  • You can not see until you learn to see – 2:14
  • Helping clients with what they need – 2:38
  • Having empathy for the person you seek to serve – 4:11
  • Stealing or offering value? – 5:15
  • Finding the part of the population that they serve well – 5:47
  • How advisors should think – 6:30
  • Finding the right people to sell your services – 7:37
  • The pool and the ocean – 9:14
  • The goal of marketing in the past – 9:23
  • Explaining the book’s name – 9:42
  • The book’s conclusion – 10:32
  • Figuring out your mission – 12:00
  • A different way of doing marketing – 12:44
  • Believe vs. want: The product is for people who believe – 16:04
  • Find your mission first – 16:34
  • Attracting people on the same mission that you are passionate about – 17:32

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